Reviewed by Christine Wilcox

Wowza! History class was never like this!
It's the 16th Century and Melaynie Morgan is far too adventurous at heart to live her life in the accepted manner.
She dons the costume and mannerisms of a Captain's Boy and sails off to the Caribbean with Francis Drake to plunder Spanish treasure.

Melanie wants adventure in her life and to find it she must leave Plymouth England and venture out into unchartered waters. Along her journey, English Melaynie falls in love with Spanish Bernardino. And their lives are forever altered.

Encountering disease, death, danger, a romance with a Spaniard and a friendship with an ex-slave, she returns to England with a secret...she's pregnant.

Fast-forward fourteen years where a bittersweet reunion ensues as the story plays out to a surprise conclusion. While historical accuracy is intact, the book never leaves the romance behind.