Talk Writing to Me

With Carol Givner

A Consultation for Authors and Other Creative People.

The Gig: Book editor/agent Carol Givner for a personal mentoring session about your writing.
The Fee: 30 minutes for $125.00. (And if we talk a little longer, no one's counting.)
The Venue: MSN Messinging or AOL Messenging.
The Perks:
1) The writer (that's you) can send the editor/agent (that's me) work before the session.
Less cost to you since I can get a headstart on your manuscript.
2) I'll remember what we've said for follow-up sessions.
3) Paypal is fine just before the session begins, or checks in advance.
The Advantage: You as a writer have access to your editor when you need her,
evenings and weekends included Usually same day conversations while the muse is fresh.
No lengthy delays.
The Freebies:
1) Encouragement.
2) Contact with a professional.
3) Record of our session.
4) Free series of downloadable tee-shirt transfers with Hollywood logos.
The first one says, "My Editor, Carol Givner, told me to quit my day job!"

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