Melaynie's Masquerade


Victoria Giraud

Victoria Giraud published her historical romantic adventure MELAYNIE'S MASQUERADE as a print-on-demand book (hardback, paperback and electronic format) with 1st Books Library.

What's a girl going to do when she wants adventure, and men have all the fun? This is a question Melaynie Morgan, an independent-minded young woman of Plymouth, England, asks herself. It's the 16th century, and women are expected to dress elaborately and attend to womanly duties. Forget about doublets, swords and sailing ships.

Melaynie refuses to let her conventional background deter her. She disguises herself as a captain's boy and signs on with privateer Francis Drake to plunder Spanish treasure in the exotic Caribbean. In the chess game of Renaissance politics it's an undeclared war of opposing religions, but Queen Elizabeth's Protestant England and King Philip's Catholic Spain are maintaining a guarded peace. Into that mix comes Plymouth's Drake, waging his own private war with Spain.

Melaynie finds more than she bargained for during her year in the tropics serving Drake -- from disease, death and danger to a romance with a Spaniard and a friendship with an ex-slave. She returns to England wiser but secretly pregnant. Her daughter Joan grows up unaware of her true parentage until the Spanish Armada brings a bittersweet and surprising reunion.