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Bryan Beckham

Ah, To Be On Broadway, Now That Mediocrity Is On The Stage

Apparently, Juilliard graduate, David Austin, feels no compunction adapting Ibsen's GHOSTS for the stage, calling it an original play, bestowing upon it the title, PROOF, and winning the Pulitzer for a substandard work of derivative theatre.

In a civilization numbed by the abyss of electronic media, the stage had prevailed as the only tangible link between artist and afficionado.

Until now.

The bastardization of Ibsen should have gone without notice, hopefully discouraging the Great Unwashed and the Great Uneducated from leaving their pitiable digs.

With weakened respect for the Pulitzer camp, Juilliard, and Broadway, the legacy of PROOF will be its burden. It may temporarily bask in the lights of the Impoverished White Way, but it will never circle Ibsen's "sun".