Win A Snubbles Contest!

Be the first on your block to own your very own

Mr SnubblesTM

How would you like to have a sweet,

cuddly teddy bear all your own?

Someone to drag around with you.

Someone to hold onto.

Just like Matt has.

He's Maggie's little boy in BING, BANG, BOOM.

Mr. Snubbles is the little bear's name.

He's sort of a live-action figure.

Part of the official merchandise.

Except you supply the action.

And you can win a Mr. Snubbles by entering

Matt's official drawing.

(So my characters seem alive to me. That's a good thing, right?)

How to enter? Sign my guest book!


Or send me an email with the words Mr. Snubbles

in the subject line.

On the last day of every month,

I'll draw a name

and someone will be the proud owner of a little bear.

Who likes to be cuddled every day.

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