(c) 2001

Chapter Nine


Jennifer Dunne

Al grabbed Lynn by the hand and raced for the complex's exit. His recent experience with running and being chased now paid off, because he was in excellent shape. They cleared the complex in sixty-eight seconds. Two seconds later -- Feldman's estimate was wrong -- a rumble shook the ground, building in volume until the building collapsed in a geyser of flame. They
stood, shocked at their near death, until Al heard the first siren. It still wasn't safe for them.

He led Lynn to a nondescript motel that accepted cash, where they could hide out until they learned if the people chasing them believed they'd been killed in the bomb blast as well.

Hoping to diffuse the lingering tension, Al grinned at Lynn. "Admit it. I did a pretty good job of rescuing you."

Chapter 10 by Carol Givner