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I found a few editors but something about Carol Givner made me feel safe and secure. Carol has not only taken me on to edit my memoirs book, but is also helping with my children's book series. Carol is always there for her clients and goes the extra mile to say the least. I know my mother and my uncle, Michael Landon who to me was and still is an angel, sent Carol to my rescue and for that I am eternally grateful. -- Christine Ferley, author of "My Way to Heaven."

I would like to thank my editor Carol Givner for her skill and kindness. She edited my children's book series and taught me about appropriate word choice for young readers. Her experience as a teacher showed in her dedication. She said our goal was an excellent collection of books, and we would work to get everything the way I wanted. She encouraged me to call or email whenever I had a question, and she was always relaxed, and she never rushed me. I would highly recommend Carol Givner as an editor, agent, and mentor. Thank you, Carol, for giving me a new career. -- Michele Pope

“Beginning to feel banished to the 99% Rejection Club? I know I did until I traveled to this website. Fortunately, the introduction to my Editor, Carol Givner, led me to a Writing Professional who is both honest and forthcoming with her editorial. Carol will give you a straightforward opinion on what needs to be done to get your book published, and will assist in every step along the way. Be prepared to give your manuscript a frank look in the mirror. The equity involved – sweat and otherwise – will be well-worth the investment – particularly if you are an impassioned writer holding that dream to debut as a published author.” -- Pat Cronin, Author of Pillars

"Carol Givner recently edited my manuscript and I was most impressed by her generosity and her integrity. As a newcomer to the the publishing field, I had to rely on Ms. Givner for her expertise. Ms.Givner was always extremely patient, very informative, offering unconditional guidance throughout the entire process.
My editing was done as specified exactly to the time frame agreed upon, suggesting when needed, a more polished edit, while remaining extremely sensitive to the content of this particular manuscript. Her professionalism never ceased to amaze me. Yet, even more importantly, her gracious spirit allowed me to be able to continually ask questions before the edit, during the edit, and well after the edit was completed. I would highly recommend Ms. Givner to anyone who is seeking a professionally, polished editor and a warm human being. The combination makes for a wonderful partnership, and it is a partnership that can be fully trusted." -- Cindy E. Barg

"It isn't often that in one neat package you get not only the consummate professional who's done it all -- as author, editor, agent; entrepreneur in, and contributor to, numerous related fields; actress, interviewer, etc. -- but you get the nurturing mother hen with a perfect instinct for bringing along the novice from the first to the last of the often discouraging process of writing for publication.
"The lady's business is the nuts and bolts of writing, adapted to her own teaching technique. Her instructions are firm and concise but nonetheless are rendered as helpful suggestions. I've never known her to be anything but cheerful and patient. And she is unfailingly available with her first-hand knowledge of the problems her clients are apt to experience.

I've been fortunate to meet Carol in person. It was over dinner, and I found her the charming personality I imagined her to be. One of the questions I asked her was whether she had ever received a manuscript that was so bad that as editor she couldn't work with it. She gave me a look and said words to the effect that: No. She would always try to coax the best out of even the worst submissions because no person who believed they could write should be dissuaded from thinking so. That says more about her as a professional and a person than anything else. From my own experience I've found that her optimism rubs off on the anxious, uncertain hopeful, so that nothing seems impossible. That would be my greatest tribute to Carol." -- Sharon Viola

"It was a pleasure working with Carol. Her edits were insightful, her attitude was wonderful, and she was flexible to what the manuscript needed at various stages. She definitely enlightened me to a few things that might make my work better able to catch the eye of agents and editors. Best of all, she was fun to work with, and she helped keep the excitement level high when it was needed most." -- Robin Grantham

"Carol Givner is an amazing writer, rewrite specialist, and editor who never ceases to impress me with her talents. She has helped me immeasurably with fiction projects and non-fiction book proposals. Her patience, skill and thoughtful input was exactly what I was hoping to find in an editor. In regard to fiction, Carol has a nurturing way of sensing and unearthing an author’s true intention, and then coaxing and molding it into fruition. She definitely helped me turn my work into a professional and marketable product of which I can be truly proud. Carol knows the publishing industry and was able to help me turn a book idea into a concise and tightly packaged proposal that appealed to agents and editors. Her professionalism and ability to meet my tight schedule exceeded all my expectations. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I will definitely hire her again." -- Victoria Latifses, Ph.D.

"I have written nonfiction most of my life. However, two years ago I tried my hand at fiction, and after reviewing the first six chapters, it was apparent I was in desperate need of assistance. I'm an extremist. I had twelve different sample edits completed on the first three pages by various editors. Carol Givner stood heads above the others. However, I am not only an extremist but an inquisitive pessimist. I called Ms. Givner and another editor I believed to be a distant second and paid to have them edit the first three chapters. My extremism costs me needless expenses. Givner continued to outshine the competition. After every other paragraph, the other editor would note a phrase such as, "This paragraph needs work, this paragraph isn't going anywhere, this paragraph needs more description." I had no idea what the editor wanted. At the end of the three chapters, the editor wrote a general synopsis which I referred to as the typical ambiguous garb. "Great story." "Needs a lot of work." What did all this ambiguous terminology mean? I called the person and was told she would have to review my work again and get back to me in a few days. No, thank you. Givner on the other hand, was highly specific noting, as an example, when she wanted to see what a character looks like. She also provided examples and suggestions. Her criticisms were constructive. I was instructed not to overuse certain descriptive words, and she provided alternative examples. I was instructed to enhance critical scenes with dialogue in order for the reader to feel the scene -- alternatives were provided. I wanted to learn how to write fiction and could learn by using Givner as my editor. I called Givner. This first conversation lasted more than half an hour, and she was extremely patient with all of my questions. Not once did she rush the discussion or appear to be impatient. She knew how to use ellipsis dots, dashes and all other forms of punctuation. I didn't purchase the sixty dollar Chicago Book of Style. I hired Givner. I did, and my first fiction book is doing great. Thanks for your help, Carol. Hope you're available when I send my next book to you in a few weeks." -- R.J. Intindola, Author of RISING FROM THE BOTTOM

"First and foremost, Carol Givner is a pleasure to work with. I do not consider her "just an editor" but also a friend and coaching mentor. Working with her has influenced me to become a more concise and structured writer. I think through the logic of the stories as well as the details. Before she became a part of my working life, I was feeling doubts about my potential writing ability. Her comments and recommendation on how to improve my work were eye opening. Her delivery is akin to those of a favorite professor who is not only interested in your work, but also your development.

She is accurate, meticulous and clever with her analysis and review of not only sentence structure, but also story detail. She has often brought to my attention subtle ambiguities in my prose that have strengthened my stories. Now when I redo story drafts, I have more confidence in how I'm improving the story. Working with her has helped me maintain a focus and clarity that I believe has led directly to my improvement and success as a writer. I look forward to continue working with Carol. If I ever get around to tacking those "novels" I have burning in my brain, the only editor I want to work with would be her. She's not only an excellent editor and teacher, but a great human being, too." -- Edward Moore, Published Author

"We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had Carol Givner edit our true crime manuscript. Since both of us have had prior experience in dealing with editors, we're in a good position to comment on the positive characteristics a great editor should have.

From our first contact with her to present, (and they have been numerous) she has always maintained her sweet and cooperative demeanor. Her relaxed and comfortable style, which is apparently a dominant trait, enhances her professionalism.

She has always listened, prior to giving us good literary advice, and has been innovative, honest and reliable in all of our dealings with her. During the times we asked rudimentary questions that we should probably not have asked, she took the time to explain the answer while still making us feel comfortable.

We would recommend Carol to any aspiring or experienced author who is interested in getting the best professional edit possible in a caring and most congenial milieu." -- Jack Jennings and John J. Maffucci

First and foremost, I am a huge advocate for Carol Givner. I belonged to the “yeah right…whatever” skeptics club about editors. That is until Carol and I crossed paths. The dedication page on my first novel says it all; “…..and to Carol, thank you for making me wonderful.” Once the process of editing had begun, Carol showed me how to better show a story and not tell it like I was sitting around a camp fire. My details and characters were strong but they needed more depth to become believable, become human. When she mentioned “talking head issues” I somehow knew she wasn’t talking about an 80’s band. I picked up the phone and called. Carol stopped her day to spend time with me. Does anyone even do that anymore? She treated me like I was the only other person on the planet, my question was important to her.

Carol also taught me how to make a reader feel emotion. For instance, my first sentence originally read “A frail young girl stood at the window staring into the dark night.” Carol changed it to read “The splintered floor felt cold under Leyna’s shoeless feet.” Holy smokes, I was blown away. The first sentence suddenly became powerful, full of life, dripping with feeling and flowing emotion. We spent a lot of time on the phone to say the least. I always knew I could grab a reader, but Carol taught me how to shake them, make them hunger for the next line. This was an empowering feeling.

She constantly held my hand and guided me through this process.

Some of you reading this might wonder, “sure, she sounds great, but what are her weakness, not everyone is perfect.” To you I simply say this, I have never seen her weakness and I highly doubt she any. She is, for lack of a better word, flawless. Carol Givner is a person who seriously cares about each and every one of her authors. She is thoughtful, kind and more importantly, very skilled in her abilities to draw out the best in a writer. Carol has the ability to make a person think about each and every word, to make the most significant impact possible. When I go back now and re-read my first ms, I get tears in my eyes when I see how awsome it reads. This is because of Carol. If you have a desire to write and write well, Carol will gladly take you by the hand, and show you the way.

Good luck to you! -- Susan Santucci

"I highly recommend Carol Givner as a literary editor. Beyond her awesome talent, Carol really does care about her clients. I had a rush deadline for my manuscript and Carol Givner went out of her way, even working on weekends, to make certain my deadline was met. For anyone who is looking for an editor, Carol Givner is the one." -- Wayne Shakey Boteilho Author of Maui Days

Carol Givner edited my manuscript, and her copyedit and proof were letter perfect. She didn't charge me extra, but included them in her developmental edit. I started out not knowing show from tell and thinking that point of view was a show on television. After she worked with me very patiently, my manuscript read like a real book instead of an attempted literary murder. I noticed she was also an agent, and asked her if she could represent me. She took me on, and within two weeks had the complete manuscript requested. Carol, if I ever make it big, I'll send you the rest of your fee. Kidding, kidding. The check is in the mail. I hope there are no gerunds in this. Carol will give me hell. -- Dr. Benjamin Vuitton