Kiss And Don't Tell

(c) 1999-2008

by Carol Givner

Print release in the summer of 2003. eBook released January 2000, by The Fiction Works

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An unlikely combination.

A reclusive clairvoyant in need of faith and a tough-as-nails cop in need of love.

A celebrated portrait artist mistakenly identifies a detective in a police line up as the intruder who murdered her brother and left her unconscious in her burning gallery.

Womanizing Nick Bristol believes in only what he can touch and see,

and he's baffled by his attraction to the lovely, naive Athena,

a mystic whose abilities are on the blink from a concussion.

She wants her identity back.

Her way.

And she's going up the California coast in a worn and wise trailer

to a gathering of Seers in Dreamer's Cove to find it.

Nick worries. Murderers don't like untidy jobs.

He invents his own maverick version of a witness protection plan and becomes her bodyguard.

Travel companion.

And lover.

Available at: The Fiction Works

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