May 22 2000
		Pixels to Paper by Pam Ripling added to Wordsmith Online and GCFW Archives.  Created Articles Page to Archives.

 May 18 2000
		Wordsmith Online Updated. 

 May 8 2000
		Launch of Wordsmith Online.

 April 20 2000
		Created a May meeting page. 
Updated the speakers page.
Updated the front page.

 January 18 2000
		Created Gold Coast Fiction Writers Yahoo! Club

 January 5 2000
		Created New Board of Officers.
Created January Meeting Page.
Added Alicia to Storytellers Page and Gold Coast Welcomes Page.
Added Bonnie to Read Our Authors Page
Added Jenny to Read Our Authors Page.

 November 5
		Created November Meeting Page.
Added Web Allegorist Interivew.
Added Pam to Speakers Page.
Added Bonnie to Storytellers Page.
Added Joy to Storytellers Page.
Added Debbie to Gold Coast Welcomes Page.
Added Hugh to Friend's of Gold Coast.
Added KCLU link to Frances Halpern Friend's of Gold Coast Page. 
Updated the Front Page and this Page.

 October 16  
		Created October Meeting Page.
Added Pam Ripling to Read Our Authors Page.
Added Hugh Scott to Speakers Page.
Updated Storytellers Page with 4 New Members.
Added six new friends to Gold Coast Welcomes Page.
Changed Icons on Front Page.
 September 20
		Added Carol Givner's Author in the Spotlight.
Added Raechel Henderson's Interview.
Added Ray Manley's Interview.
Created September Meeting Page.
Added Robin Westmiller to Speakers Page.

 August 12 
		Added August Meeting Page
Added Carol Givner to Speakers Page. 
Moved Email contact And Updates Links On The Front Page.

 August 5 
		Added Speakers To The Front Page With Their Book Covers.
Created How To Join Gold Coast Page. 

 August 3
		Added Rage Sage interview with Alexandria Kendall.
Created August Meeting Page 
Updated Speakers Page

 July 13
		Added Bonnie Mauck of Amore` Magazine Fame interview		
Cassandra Clements' Member In The Spotlight
Created Read Our Authors Page
Updated Storytellers Page With 3 New Members
Created July Meeting Agenda Page
Created new Screen Saver
Switched old URL to New at Bravenet and Webrings

 July 10
    Finished Moving Over To Simplenet.
Created Welcome .gifs

 June 24th
    Changed the text on the New Date and Time page.

 June 21
     Added June Meeting Agenda
Added Gold Coast Welcomes...Page.

 June 14-15 99
		Added Frances Halpern's interview with Carol Givner on CONNECTIONS Transcript.
Archives Updated -- Debbie Ridpath Ohi Editor Interview,
	Jenny Givner's Member in the Spotlight.
Added A Website Announcer
Added This Page That You're reading.
Linked Members to their Member Spotlights.
Created June meeting Page
Created Friends Of Gold Coast
	With Harriet Ackert,
	Fred Blechman,
	Frances Halpern
and Robin Westmiller.
Added some HTML To Make The Links Change Color.

May 99
		Archives Updated -- Dorrie O'Brien Editor Interview.
Created Navigational Buttons.
Created Speakers Page.

April 99
		Added Address, Date and Time To New Meeting Place.	
Archives Updated -- Lorretta Kemsley Editor Interview,
	Harriet Ackert's March Speaker transcript
	Elizabeth Malcolm's Member in the Spotlight.
Added More Pictures To Greeting Cards.
Created May Meeting Page.

March 99
		Created Gold Coast Greeting Cards.	
Created Gold Coast Mailing List.
Submission Guidelines for Gold Nuggets added.
Achives Updated --  Frances Halpern Talk Show Host Interview,
	Laura Kirkland's Member in the Spotlight.
Created April Meeting Page.

Feb 99 
		Created Archives -- Jewel Brennan Editor Interview,
	Cara King's Member in the Spotlight. 
And Gold Nuggets pages.
Added March Meeting Page.

Jan 1 1999
		And Then There Was A Website.
Authors Pages, 
Message Board, 
Gold Coast Announcment List, 
Chat Room, 
Romance Rings, 
and Screen Saver.
Added Feb Meeting Page.