To become a member of Gold Coast Fiction Writers, you must also be a member of Romance Writers of America.

Full Membership ~~ $20

Associate Membership ~~ $10

Internet Membership ~~ $5

Membership Dues ~~ $20

With your Full Membership

you will receive some nifty benefits. Honestly.

Your first benefit is a cool Gold Coast tee-shirt, logo and all.
Your second perk is the opportunity to submit your writing to our new Ezine, GOLD NUGGETS.

How could we turn away family?

You will also receive an invitation to our Meeting, and a magnificant monthly Newsletter, WORDSMITH, chock full of News, Writing Tips, Markets, Stories, Poems, Movie Reviews, Speaker Transcripts, Personal Interviews, and much, much more.

And best of all, we love you!

I mean, how could you turn your back on (sniff) us after we've given you the best years of our lives? (sniff, sniff)

Your Associate Membership entitles you to a subscription to WORDSMITH. But no voting privileges.

Your Internet Membership entitles you to invitations to our online activites.

All forms of membership dues are annual.

Please cut and paste, and fill out the following form and Email it to:

Jenny Givner ~~ Treasurer

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