Submission Guidelines

We're looking for our Gold Coast Fiction Writers' stories, novel excerpts, poetry, art work, non-fiction, and everything in between.

We'd like to publish short works from 1 word to 5000, but submit your ideas and find out how flexible really nice people like us can be.

Just to make it official, our guidelines are as follows:

Short romantic fiction -- up to 5000 words of sheer passion and idealistic romance that could never happen in the real world no matter how many men you use up and throw away.

Novel excerpts (an incredibly naughty sounding word, don't you think?) -- 1-2 chapters

Poetry -- (such as My Son John Is Like His Toaster Cozy) any reasonable length

Art Work -- Something nice.

Non-Fiction -- Articles, true stories (don't scare us), research like pastries of the 17th century or shoe size conversion in the UK, funnies, game rules, (what do you do when you run out of hotels anyway?) Up to 1000 words.

Something Else -- It's up to you.

And if you're not a member of Gold Coast, send us your manuscripts anyway. We prefer email submissions, but if you send a hard copy and your work is accepted, we'll ask for it on a disk to be sure we don't add any typos. Unless, of course, you don't have a computer, and then we'll have to buy a dictionary.

Send submissions to Carol Givner, Gold Coast Fiction Writers, 15332 Antioch Street, # 718, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, or email them to

We do have a few no-no's. No pornography. Awwwww. And nothing degrading or politically insulting. Hate is so last year.