Fred Blechman has written over 750 magazine articles and seven books since he began writing in 1961. A former Navy pilot flying F4U Corsair fighter planes off carriers in the early 1950s, Fred completed aeronautical engineering after leaving the Navy, and was an aerospace engineer for 15 years before starting his own business, from which he retired in 1995.

Along the way he taught himself electronics (after some radio-controlled planes he built flew away!), and began writing for various popular electronics magazines. In 1978 he bought his first microcomputer, a Radio Shack Model I, and began programming and writing about computers. Fred has had almost 30 other microcomputers since then, writing books about five of them. The publishers were conventional publishers Hayden, Howard W.Sams, and CBS Computer Books.

In 1997 he had his sixth book, "Simple, Low-Cost Electronics Projects," published by LLH Technology Publishing. It consists of updates of 22 of his previously-published construction projects in book form. It is now in its second printing.

Late in 1997 he got together with nine other former F4U Corsair fighter pilots and, using Internet self-publisher XLIBRIS, has produced a 376-page illustrated book called "Bent Wings - F4U Corsair Action & Accidents: True Tales of Trial & Terror!"

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