Jenny Givner

Artist/Film Maker/Writer

I was born and raised in Southern California, in between the mountains and the sea, and the tinsel and collagen. I studied through Independent schools, taught by my mother. (You've met her, so I need not explain what THAT was like. Cool prepositional phrase, Mom.)

I'm entering U C Santa Barbara this fall with a undeclared major that will declare itself later as Film or Theatre. Unless another interest of mine rears its time-consuming head.

I've worked as an extra for VH1 and written for Yakkity-Yak greeting cards. I've also been an actor, stage manager, lighting technician, spotlight technician, sound technician, props manager, wardrobe manager, and anything else that bordered on child labor at the Pierson Playhouse in Pacific Palisades. I am currently working for Starlight Writers Publications as a Cover Artist.

If this is beginning to sound like an application, then all I can say is UCSB arrived at the right time.

I started writing when I realized that if I wrote my ideas down I'd have a book. Or evidence. It depends on the way you'd look at it. I never quite knew where my writing fit in until I re-examined a genre commonly overlooked. The "sketch." Sometimes referred to as a "skit." Even a "vignette" or an "anecdote" if you wish to be impressive. Longer then a song, but shorter then a novella. Jarring like an editorial, but deranged enough to be comedy. I plan on starting my own acting troupe and performing what I write. Of course, I'd also be the director, but I've been told that's normal.

Is this where I list my hobbies?

My under-construction-ever-adding-site: Pangean Art Gallery