Hello. My name is Carol Givner and I live in California with my children and husband, what's-his-name, who's lucky to have me.
I was born and raised in Denver, and I've always found happiness in the arts. A pianist at age four, I gave my first recital at six, and have been composing music ever since. Thanks to my mother, who read lovely books to me, I began writing my own stories when I was nine.
I've always been fascinated by the theatre and spent my teenage years on the stage. Discovered by a talent scout at sixteen, I continued acting and made commercials during high school and college. I was one of the first petite models in the industry. Fortunately, we were allowed chocolate in those days, or I would have looked for different work.
While at UCLA, I met my husband, who proposed marriage on our tenth date. We were married at the end of the summer and have been together every since. Despite two whole fights that lasted 9 years. (Well, who WAS going to turn out the light. I was just as tired as he was. Hmm. I can laugh about that now. Ha.)
After I graduated with a B.A. in English, we lived in Northern California for a year, and I worked as a journalist. One morning, I was getting ready for an interview, and even though I was the only one in our tiny apartment, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone after all.
Nine months later, I held my first baby. That's the one who's a lawyer now. A few years after, I was rocking my next child, the doctor. And a few years later, I brought my next baby, the film maker, home.
I didn't look up for nearly two decades. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, schools. Incredible. Until I sold my first book, and then my second, third, fourth and fifth. I'm the President of Gold Coast Fiction Writers and the Editor of WORDSMITH. I'm having a wonderful time writing down all the romantic stories I've been dreaming up all these years.
I hope you enjoy them.
P.S. It was his turn to turn out the light.


Carol Givner,

aka Victoria Thomsen,

aka Felicity Darling,

aka Carolyn Forsythe,



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