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Interview August 1, 2003

Doris Day Interview — Part III

by Carol Givner

Posted on August 1, 2003

<< Continued from Part II

Doris Day

Doris Day

ANC: What role does the DDAF play in the protection of the great apes through the Chimpanzee Collaboratory?

DD: The Chimpanzee Collaboratory is a unique assemblage of animal welfare workers, attorneys, scientists, and public policy experts working together to improve the welfare and upgrade the legal status of great apes. The Doris Day Animal Foundation is one of the initial members of the Collaboratory.

ANC: You generously lend your name and efforts to many causes, such as the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. What specifically interested you in this Prevention Act?

DD: Because these living legacies of America's historic past are predominantly regarded as companion animals in our society, we felt that the public would share our outrage that they should be slaughtered for human consumption.

In addition, because of a horse's unique physiology, a slaughter process that was developed for cattle often results in far greater suffering for these animals.

Doris Day Animal Foundation
Doris Day Animal League
Comics For Compassion
Chimpanzee Collaboratory
Beyond Violence

ANC: For our four-legged readers, what kind of cookies does the Cypress Inn serve its canine guests?

DD: The Cypress Inn serves a variety of dog cookies. In addition to a vegetarian cookie, we also serve different flavors of gourmet dog treats from Barkaroo Bakery.

ANC: Do more dogs like to sleep on the bed on the inviting spread they are given, or do they opt to bunch it up on the floor for a snooze?

DD: Different dogs seem to like things their own way. If a pet guardian brings along the dog's own bed, that's usually where the dog will sleep. When pet blankets are provided by the Cypress Inn, about seventy percent of the dogs will sleep on the floor with the pet blanket provided for them, while the rest will sleep on the bed with the pet blanket.

ANC: Since the Inn has greeted each pet as a welcomed guest, what is the most outrageous response received in return?

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DD: The only really outrageous story that has happened at the Cypress Inn is from one year, around Christmas time, when we had a guest who wasn't aware of our pet-friendly policy. Much to her surprise, we had about twenty-seven pets in-house for the holidays. The guest was so moved by the sight of so many happy animals with their guardians that she made a five-hour round-trip back to her home in San Francisco to pick up her cat and join in on the fun.

ANC: What are your plans for the future?

DD: My work with the non-profit organizations and my own companion animals is more than a full-time job. I'm having a great time, with lots of work ahead to help the four-leggers and all the people who care for them. That's my future.

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