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Interview August 1, 2003

Doris Day Interview — Part II

by Carol Givner

Posted on August 1, 2003

<< Continued from Part I

Doris Day

Doris Day

ANC: In addition to overpopulation and laboratory experimentation, which is the greatest problem regarding the exploitation of animals?

DD: Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose one particularly egregious example from the many forms of animal exploitation still permitted in our society. There is still much work to be done before animals enjoy the full protection they deserve.

DDAL will continue to address these issues through its continued lobbying for passage of legislation that will establish fundamental legal protection for all types of animals. DDAF will continue its humane education efforts to inform individuals and local communities on how to empower themselves to help animals.

ANC: Would you tell us about a success story made possible by your activities and intervention?

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DD: One example is that DDAL led the effort for passage of the so-called Crush Bill, introduced by Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA), which was signed into law in December 1999. This bill amended the U.S. Criminal Code to prohibit entering a depiction of an illegal act of animal cruelty into interstate or foreign commerce for commercial gain.

Because of this, it is now a violation of federal law to sell photographs, videos, electronic files, or sound recordings of living animals being intentionally maimed, tortured or killed, provided such conduct is illegal under any animal protection provision of federal or state law.

This bill was specifically drafted to address the proliferation of Crush videos offered for sale over the Internet. These videos graphically depict a woman, sometimes barefoot but usually in stiletto heels, stepping on and killing a variety of small animals.

ANC: The Doris Day Animal Foundation sponsors Spay Day as an international effort to control pet overpopulation. How many animals have participated?

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DD: We hit an amazing milestone on our Ninth Annual Spay Day USA in 2003 – the 1,000,000th companion animal was spayed or neutered. Actually, we are over one million, with our tenth annual event planned for next year.

ANC: What is the most significant legislation The Doris Day Animal League has influenced?

DD: DDAL was instrumental in achieving passage of the ICCVAM Authorization Act signed into law in December 2000, which led to the development of a uniform process for assessing the validation of testing methods that can reduce or eliminate the use of animals to test product and chemical safety. This Act will potentially lead to millions of animals being spared from cruel and unnecessary experiments.

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